HLS - The Letters Of Harvey L. Slatin

February 17, 1990
10:27 PM

Dear Doktor,
You will observe a number of familiar file names, these are what my machine can observe directly on your disk after running CHKDSK.  In addition you will find, I hope.

This was generated by running ANADISK telling it to DUMP B:[your disk] to NEWDUMP from cylinder 4 to 17 [these numbers were found by experimentation].  This version of NEWDUMP can be read with the V option in X-TREE, but WS stops after a few pages and won’t proceed.  By noting where WS stops and examining it with UED it was found that WS stops and examining a sequence of right arrows [one of those mysterious symbols that cannot be found on the key board].  We are lucky that UED reads past them, EDLIN won’t.  Knowing this we reenter UED and search for the little arrows [the search is by eye since we can’t tell the program to search for a symbol that we can’t enter], removing any we see.

This contains a version of NEWDUMP which has had its little arrows removed and which can be read and edited with MS.

ANADISK, UED and maybe some others.

I would make sure that this disk got past the magnetic mountain and copy it.  If it were mine, I would print it from any of the places it would print from, decide which files were important and reconstruct them with WORDSTAR.

This exercise has taught me something and made me a better man.  I now know that WS won’t read past little arrows.  One should be careful and not make little arrows in one’s files.

Eleanor Shnirpwitz from the National Consensus Survey of New York City just called and wished to quiz me for twenty minutes, I told her I didn’t have a consensus and hung up, after thanking her for her interest of course.


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