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Found! Camp Chateaugay Banquet Program, 1991

  • August 12, 2013

camp chateaugay banquet 1991 - front camp chateaugay banquet 1991 - inside camp chateaugay banquet 1991 - back

Camp Chateaugay Banquet (1991)
Refreshments & Photos | Dinner |Emcees: Michael Neel & Ariel Rogers | Speakers: Hal Lyons & Laurie Roland; Zak Blumkin & Lauren Leeds (Lower Camp); Danny Caine (The Heights); Cameron Zuckerman; Corinne Olson (Wilderness); Jeremy Frank (K-Staff); Renee Rule (Staff); Paige Doub (Arts & Crafts); Kim Mayer (A-Field); Jack Ross (Tripping); Lisa Becker (Waterfront) | Final Banquet Menu: Radical Romaine Salad, Garden Fresh Vegetable du jour, Festive and Fancy Fetachine Alfredo, Kim’s Captivating Chicken Kiev, Melt In Your Mouth Brownie Delight, Luscious And Lovely Lemonade

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