The following article was written by Lisa Pellegrene, and was originally published by BuzzFeed on January 1, 2021.

Westholm Hotel, Stamford, New York

This photograph of the Westholm Hotel in Stamford, Hotel is one of the last remaining photographs of the property to be found online, before the hotel experienced additional decay and dilapidation. The hotel was known for being a tourist attraction in his heyday, in the region of the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York.

Wooden Barn and Silo near Warnerville, New York at Sunset

Sometimes Slatin’s work features beautiful landscapes and interesting properties, such as this old barn and silo with a stunning country background and a dramatic sky. The photographer named it, “A Million Years Before the Fall.”

The Fownes Textile Mill in Amsterdam, New York

This is a photograph of The Fownes Textile Mill, based in Amsterdam, New York, many years after it’s closure. The photograph is entitled, “The Memory Remains.”

Upstairs of a Vacant Barn in Upstate, New York

Sometimes, the best photographs come from unlikely places. This photograph was taken of an abandoned barn in Stamford, New York. The photographer entitled it, “Is It For Me.” It seems that the photographer likes to make the best use of the naturally occurring light to show interesting elements of properties which have been left behind.

23 thoughts on “Four Photos That Will Make You A Fan Of Urban Exploration Photography

  1. You’ve got a good eyes, that is a fact man. Lovely, I love the old barn and silo, I even got that picture on my phone

  2. It takes a good and creative person to see good and precious things in places like this. That shows how wonderful your reasoning is man. Hope to see more of your works in 2021

  3. This gets me curious at least. I tend to mix urban with rural ha ha. Very good choices and I hope to see more shots come 2021. Happy New Year everyone.

  4. The old barn and silos looks good and can be liken to a classic artistic work. You are doing pretty great with your pieces.

  5. The photos of the old buildings and barn were captured in a unique way. Hope to see more of this brilliant idea.

  6. I like the four pictures, though the last one is very intense, the place looked full of stuff and with few lights. I would use it to describe with an image emotions conflict.

  7. Before discovering Tom’s work I didn’t even know that there existed such a thing as Urban Photography. I am more than happy I discovered him.

  8. You should make a compilation publication on the photos you have of New York. You have quite a lot of them.

  9. The abandoned barn in Stamford is without a doubt the best. Everything about that shot is perfect!

  10. The professionalism exhibited in these photos is something worth marveling at. I am a big fan of your work Tom.

  11. I like how Tom is able to identify buildings long abandoned and turn them into art through photography. It’s like giving the buildings a new lease on life.

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