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Frank Zappa Quote


Frank Zappa

“If you end up with a boring, miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest, or some guy on television telling you how to do your shit, then you deserve it.”  — Frank Zappa

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  1. Amen, brotha! I don’t think you should be defiant all the time, but you will definitely live an uneventful life if you only do what you’re told.

  2. I disagree. This is making it seem like listening to authority is a bad thing??? No at least mostly. Remember none of us are born masters. Each of us have teachers because you cannot start from the top. It is always from the bottom.

  3. Wow, this was apt and like hitting the nail on the head. people can so play with another emotions . our life is in our hands.

  4. In shot I think Frank zappa’s quote is saying that you should always follow your heart while making decisions. Don’t let other people decide for you.

  5. Totally true. Do whatever you think that will make you happy. Not everyone’s life is the same.

  6. No one should ever manipulate you how to live your life. It’s ypur life and not theirs to live. Start making your own decisions.

  7. I agree with you brother… You should not allow people to dictate to should not be feeble should be able to make important decisions

  8. Each one should just do what they need to. No word is boring if you do the things that could make you happy, but not to the extent that is risky to others as well.

  9. An amazing quote from Frank Zappa! What he said is nothing but the truth. Believe in what you want to do and you will love yourself for it.

  10. Great inspiration here for one looking for a goal and a purpose in life. The best life you can live is the one you define for yourself, not the one others define for you.

  11. Pretty much this quote. Things can be normal and stable but you can’t always live like that. It’s good to let loose every now and then.

  12. You spoke directly to me. Trying to pleased anyone in this life is just slaving oneself away.

  13. One of the most sincere quotes I have ever read. Sometimes we just need to listen to our heart and not what everyone else tells us.

  14. This quote is very powerful. Not many people will be told this but it’s very honest.

  15. I definitely agree with the quote. Not your parents or family, even your friends, are the one who should be in charge of your life. It’s only you to decide.

  16. Follow your heart and you will enjoy your life. Allow others to make decisions for you and you will live to regret.

  17. Who or what you become in life depends on you, so nobody is responsible when one becomes what he doesn’t want to

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