HLS - The Letters Of Harvey L. Slatin

Harvey L. Slatin
78 Main Street
Stamford, New York 12167

Dear Arturo,
Well, we are back from our trip to Russia.  We enjoyed this trip more than the last, possibly because we were more familiar with the ropes and we had our own Russian friend, Lydia, escort us about.  We also had two seventeen year-olds from Stamford with us to enliven the tour.

Perhaps you should warm up to that white haired lady who cared for you after your nasty fall.  I think that SHE is trying to tell you something in regard to returning to your correct haunts and you should take heed and listen.  That nookey you get occasionally is not worth the pain and you should not tempt the goods too frequently.  I assume that the mishap resulted in minor injuries and that you are fully recovered as good as new, or nearly so.

My worry wart doctor had me examined by a urologist and although his examination did not reveal prostate cancer, he advised a biopsy.  That was done the day after our return from Russia.  After it was all over, and I don’t recommend you suffer the indignities, the surgeon pointed out that, although he could not detect cancer cells, nevertheless, he could have missed by millimeters.  Then, my worry wart volunteered that I should have gone to Albany Medical Center where they have more sophisticated equipment, a sonarscope, which, by some mysterious mechanism, can pin point the probe and so only then can one be sure.  Doctors need the money.  I go in for cataract surgery and intraocular lens replacement on the 12th.  The right eye, my weakest, will be done first.  The left will be done four months later.  When you return, which eventually you will, I shall be a reconstructed man.

Enclosed you’ll find some material of interest.  The data on hard drive failure that is circled seems a good precaution and friendly.  The PaintShop Pro installed easilly and replaced the old version.  It works and that is all I can say for it.  I would like color features and perhaps the update will have that option.  If you have gotten any updates or new programs, I early await copies.  To say that you are missed would be an understatement.  Your new contact with the BBS makes me jealous, as I cannot share Labriola with you anymore.  You seem to be making more interesting contacts in New Mexico which will mitigate to keeping you in the Land Of Enchantment.  Your apartment looks quite attractive and a wide departure from Front Street.  I suggest avoidance of Senior Citizens clubs or other activities.

Anne and Thomas send their best and urge a sooner return.  The prodigal son and stuff.  Give my best to Wendy and I hope you do not need to inquire yourself to get a little affection.

Harvey, Anne, Thomas and the rest of the mengerie

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