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Front Desk

June 2011

14 responses to “Front Desk”

  1. The only thing that can make a front desk this messy is maybe abandoned or going through renovation. The red carpet looks lovely, not too bad though

  2. This is abandoned in mess. Little work is needed to be done to keep the front desk functioning again. Lovely output Tom

  3. Great contrast of colors in this picture, I love it. The place looks messy but still can be repaired and used again.

  4. It sure looks like it had been a pretty busy front desk way back when. I really wonder about what’s the story behind those scattered papers on the floor.

  5. I love the red carpet because it accentuates the messy stacks of paper. Flawed and unkempt art at its best.

  6. It sure appears as though it had been an entirely bustling front work area route back when. I truly wonder about what’s the story behind those dissipated papers on the floor.

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