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Generational Degradation

August 17, 2021

Dear Thomas,

Thank you so much for sending me your book. It was a little slow to start for me at first, as most books are; but then it took off and I gleefully finished it in two more sittings.

Yes, much wisdom engendered of experience. Hardest but best way to learn. Makes for good stuff though! The more ethereal parts reminded me a bit of Haruki Murakami at times. Sounds like you are on a good path.

I agree that there has been much generational degradation in recent times. Certain technologies have exacerbated that. I blame most of it on the reset button.

For sure, change gives rise to uncertainty. Uncertainty gives rise to anxiety. Since change is perpetual, you have to check everything. But you must pace yourself. I think we always sense this. Learning to do it is another thing. Keep at it though and mastery is inevitable. Things settle and peace abides… Or it doesn’t…

Any other books in the works?

Stay in touch.

Christopher Colt

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