Memes have become an Internet sensation.  I have created my own batch of memes, but today I decided that I want to start my very own meme.  I’ll call this the “Good Dog Pickles” Meme.  Please feel free to share the graphics freely.  If you wish to create your own wording, use this picture.

10 thoughts on “The “Good Dog Pickles” Meme

  1. You really have to love that smirk on the Dachshund’s face! Plus the eyes! They do remind me of that teacher of ours in grade school who always had that look whenever the class was behaving quite unruly.

  2. awwww jajaja so funny, I like the one that says ‘ doesn’t expect a treat after going to the bathroom”

  3. The dog looks so cool and calm, like I will love to say it’s the patient dog. Keeping calm to eat the bone later.

  4. I think the dog’s face says “I don’t expect a treat after going to the washroom” the hardest. He also might be saying, “I just licked my crotch thoroughly and rid myself of fleas.”

  5. A lot of memes can be anything really. I do not know why nor understand the purpose of it though??? Real talk…

  6. Haha, such a cute doggo. I lol’d at the third one. Pickles looks quite the character. My cousin has two dachshunds and they each has a distinctive personality.

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