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Graffiti Meter

Graffiti Meter

June 2019

15 responses to “Graffiti Meter”

  1. I am not fond of Graffiti but I admit this is beautiful. It is all on the way it is done I guess. I admit the ones I have seen so far has been sloppy.

  2. That meter is definitely the key ingredient of this masterpiece. I love the raw focus of this shot.

  3. That is quite cute. Hope to see lots of graffiti photos here in the site soon! Love your work. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This photo is so colorful and sharp. You captured it to bring its beauty to bear too. Good one .

  5. I think the graffiti was placed after the construction of the pipes and meter. It is hard to locate valves or meters like these in an industrial setup.

  6. Nice photographic work with brilliant colors. The meter level of the graffiti is cool.

  7. This is a good mixture of colors and I just like the combination. It really make this photo outstanding.

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