HLS - The Letters Of Harvey L. Slatin

December, 1982

After our Spectacular Christmas and New Years in Switzerland and France, our holiday plans this year seem rather routine.  However, the Watsons have been blessed in ’82 with good health and happy children.

Gay had an opportunity for a trip around the world in August.  Her boss gave her a month’s leave of absence from The Fairmont Hotel and away we went to New York, Rome, Pescara, New Deli, Taj-Mahal, Kathmandu, Nepal, Bangkok, Hong Kong, San Francisco, and home to New Orleans.  (Tokyo was in the picture but had to be “cut out” due to a shortage of finances.)  Needless to say, she had a fantastic trip, a book in itself.  Please stop in at the front desk to see her, if you’re in New Orleans.

Tom went out for football this year and did a great job.  He and Glenn both are into weight lifting and they look it.  Glenn worked on our plantations this summer and is enjoying his courses in Farm Management as a sophomore.

Amelia is still as energetic as ever – worked all summer at The Presbyterian Day Care Center and bought herself a fine stereo system.  She and Tom both are Senors at Washington School.

On November 17th, we lost our very dear friend Lamar Silvey, and on November 30th, Al’s mother.  Each grief is unique and to lose a parent has a special sense of loss.  Mom Watson added a lot of grace and dignity to our lives not to mention the love and support she gave all of us through the years.  She would have been 89 in January.  Many of you knew Lamar and Mom.

The International House at the Watsons continues with visits from Brazilians, Frenchmen, Australians, Swiss, Finnish, and Dutch in ’82.

Trying to hold the Delta Implement Companies together with the disasters in International Harvester and the deteriorating farm economy has been a struggle for Al and Jere and of great concern to all of us.  The next few months will probably be the most critical in the 60 year history of the Delta Implement Company.

Wishing you all the warmest greetings and hopes for a happy, prosperous New Year.

The Al Watsons

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