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Halfway Painted


May 2015

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31 responses to “Halfway Painted”

  1. I like the color combination already and I know at completion it will be a lot better. A lovely shot.

  2. Yeah, the building may be halfway painted but it those look habitable and decent. It is also in a conducive environment. I love the tress around.

  3. The halfway painting makes it colorful though. Thanks for this cool shot.

  4. Good color scheme but a bit dim quality wise if you ask me. It could use a light or two to highlight the colors. On this shot it is a bit dull. Sorry!!!

  5. The half way colour makes it look more habitable, like someone just changed that part color. Nice shoot, I love the trees standing as a shade

  6. More paint at this house will look lovely. Nice shot Tom. It can be used as a post card.

  7. This is a color painting. Halfway makes the painting unique I’m sure it will be superb after the entire painting.

  8. The pink pain almost rigme with the roof. Looks so colourful already coupled with the trees. This is a great output

  9. This is a really dazzling shot. The red and purple are so vibrant and the trees look very robust. Thanks for sharing!

  10. It’s fun, but very true, the owners of this house didn’t have enough paint to finish.

  11. This house is not completely painted, it must be that the owners did not have enough paint.

  12. In this place, you can breathe fresh air, due to the vegetation that surrounds it.

  13. Looks like a cool place to live. The green trees and the small house painted purple.

  14. I think this was deliberately done to bring out its own uniqueness. The place looks quiet… if there is a river around there, it will be perfect to do camping activities here.

  15. Painting such a huge house couldn’t have been easy. I can understand why whoever was tasked with the job left it halfway.

  16. I think even at its current state the house looks great. The red goes well with the grey.

  17. Beats me why the house was never fully painted. The end product was going to be so marvelous.

  18. It’s difficult to tell if anyone still lives here. Maybe that’s why the paint was halfway done.

  19. The colors in this shot compliment each other so nicely. It’s a good blend of nature and man-made features.

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