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Harvest Time

Harvest Time

September 2010

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  1. Havest time is the best and most awaited time of our farmers. Thank you for planting our favorite crops and food supplies.

  2. It is a time of harvest and prosperity, where the land will bear fruit, which are cultivated with patience and care.

  3. A time when everyone awaited for…the of increase and respect if you know what I mean. This piece is a masterpiece. Soooooo colourful

  4. Harvest time is the most happiest time of every human, most especially when the product are full grown and green. Thanks for this good post.

    • A good photo of reality. This photo made me so nostalgic! Blue skies and a good batch of harvested corn to pass the afternoon. Good job!

  5. The best time of every hard work person. All pains vanish and enjoyment of the freshness. Lovely, colourful output friend

  6. Well this photo makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Reminds me when I was young and would play in my grandparents cornfields. Good times.

  7. Harvest time is the best and most anticipated time of our farmers. Kudos to all farmers. Thank you for providing us our food every day.

  8. Who doesn’t like harvest time. It one time I love slot. Just benefitting from your sweat.

  9. Oh yeah! Corn, this is a very good description of a harvest. Everyone knows how fruitful the corn plant is. I am sure due and ready for a harvest.

  10. This is a big bloom, everything looks green and natural. I love the sight of this photo. Really nice.

  11. This makes me respect farmers. Think about it these people are in the middle of the heat just to plow the fields which provides crops for consumers. It may sound underrated but they are heroes.

  12. It is best to harvest them during the summer. At that time all the conditions are perfect for a harvest.

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