August 17, 1915 – February 23, 2013

My father wished for me to have his novel published.  Until the time comes, you can download a free PDF of The Dream Spinner and his second unfinished book, Adventures In The Afterlife here.

14 thoughts on “Harvey L. Slatin Memorial

    1. Thanks so much, Kyle! My father was super awesome! His last wish was to have his book published, so I will likely have it available here on my blog. My father will surely be missed by not only myself but a lot of other people.

  1. Tom, I am very fond of your Mom and Dad, and when I joined the writers group, your Dad was such a great supporter of my writing my grandsons story of his PTSD suicide. Your Dad was an amazing man, talented, funny,smart and compassionate. Our family grieves his loss with you.

  2. I have such fond memories of the breif time I spent with your family. I loved being part of it and was so inspired by Harvey and our whole crew. He will be greatly by many people. I’m sorry Tom. If you ever want to hang out in Montana, you have a place. My thoghts are with you and your family.

  3. I am sorry to hear about your father’s passing, Tom. My sympathy to you and to Ann.

    Your father was a great source of wisdom and constructive criticism, and I will miss his emails signed with Love and Kisses.

    Mike Kane

  4. Thomas we are thinking about you and your family at this time. Your Dad sounded like a real cool man. Thanks for sharing a link from his novel. Your Pals H&E (we love you) – regards to the misses.

  5. Oh Tom, we’re so sorry. We loved your dad. And he loved you and your mom unconditionally. What a unique special man. Such great memories we have of our year at 11 Bank. Your dad just twinkled! He loved all his “kids” as he called his tenants — that was before he had his very own child, of course! We know how much you and your mom will miss him, but he’ll be with you always. Trust us. We know. And we’re so grateful to your mom for sending that amazing photo she took of Harvey a while ago. Captured him perfectly. We’re thinking of you, your mom, Angie, and Harvey.

    1. Thank you for your comments on my dad! I have received an overwhelming amount of support and memories on Facebook as well as here. It has only been a few days and already its clear to us that our lives and the lives of those who knew my father will never be quite the same. There are many stories and memories that I will be sharing on my website in the coming months; I’m sure that a handful of folks like you have many more. As my father used to say at the end of his letters, “Love and kisses.”

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