“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” –Hellen Keller

15 thoughts on “Hellen Keller Quote

  1. We all must enjoy life. Do everything that makes us happy and what makes our heart beats faster.

  2. yes, we can only win if you decides to take the bull by the horns. Nothing ever works without putting the right foot forward against all odds.

  3. Life is really too short for hesitation. It’s either you really live life to the fullest and have lots of different extraordinary adventures, or be forever hesitant, then realize too late that it really wasn’t a life you lived at all but just an entire period of nothingness and regret.

  4. Thank you for the quote! I think it depends on the person if you want to make your life an adventure or nothing at all. After all, we people are the ones creating meanings for everything what we do.

  5. Hellen’s got a lot of wisdom. You only live once so you better make it action packed with no regrets. Take every opportunity to make it memorable.

  6. Life is a huge adventure and we are the hero of our own lives. Opponents may come trials will always be there but if we can live fully and no regrets then we could go out with a smile.

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