High Contrast Grunge Photography

  • May 10, 2011

High Contrast Grunge Photography takes the look of traditional Kodalith darkroom prints to the digital era (or for those of you still shooting with film, and developing in a darkroom, keeps Kodalith alive).  By the way, there is a Kodalith group on Flickr!Old Sneakers

Creating high-contrast black and white images is quite simple.  Some digital cameras allow you to set things such as contrast, saturation, picture style, etc. using the in-camera menus.  My Canon 5D Mark II makes setting the contrast and picture style quite easy (along with a multitude of other settings I haven’t yet found a use for).  For others without the luxury of high-end digital cameras, or for those who are converting their prints to digital, the process is also relatively easy.

The photograph here was edited using, which is free.  All you need to do is open the image, then go to Adjustments > Brightness / Contrast.  Set the contrast higher, and the brightness lower.  If the image is color, you’ll need to convert it to Black and White first.  You may need to do this in small increments as just subtle changes here have a drastic effect on the photograph.

Other Black & White Flickr groups worth checking out include (but certainly aren’t limited to) All That Is Black And White, Old-School Photos [B&W And Sepia], Shades Of Gray, B&W Photographer, B&W, B&W Gallery, B&W Xibit, B&White, and B+W.

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