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Homeless Man

Homeless Man

September 2019

13 responses to “Homeless Man”

  1. At least he has a little
    Smile on his face..

    I wonder what is his story…

    I’m always so curious to know what conspire to get him to that stage of homelessness…

    Everyone has a sad story which is often heart wrenching….

    It’s always a bad place to be

    Hopelessness is never nice

  2. Wow, I like how he is so optimistic about life even when life is frustrating. This is a motivation to me that even when in distress, being hopeful is the key.

  3. This homeless person is telling others a good lesson. In the midst of lack and wants be happy. This photo just melted my heart.

  4. I like when you take photos from scenes of real life, it reminds me that i live in a world surrender by other people with thier lifes, problems hapiness and hard time and it also reminds me of my humanity.

  5. The little smile on the man’s face reminds me of one of the books I read in high school titled “Homeless and Not Hopeless”. Nice shot and caption

  6. Homelessness brings about depression of the mind. But thank God he is even smiling. What a clear view picture. Thanks for this literally post.

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