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February 16, 2004

H.P. Hood, Inc.
90 Everett Avenue
Suite 200
Chelsea, MA 02150-2301

Subject: Hood chocolate almond praline frozen yogurt
(chocolate frozen yogurt with almond praline)

I am writing in regards to your product entitled, Hood Chocolate Almond Praline Frozen Yogurt, which is sold retail in ½ gallon containers.

Recently, I purchased one of these said containers of frozen yogurt expecting it to taste just like that of the highest quality every other hood product delivers. Unfortunately, when I scooped the frozen yogurt and served it to my fiancé, she immediately told me that it, “tasted funny.” Also, she developed a severe headache after eating a few spoonfuls of the frozen yogurt.

I took a spoon and sampled the frozen yogurt myself to make sure.  Unfortunately, she was correct. The frozen yogurt did taste quite strange and it was unlike our many prior experiences with your products, which as I mentioned before, have been of the utmost quality and value.

The problem is that the frozen yogurt in question caused both my fiancé and myself to become ill.  Further, it had no almonds to speak of, or at least, not that we were able to identify.  In fact, the “almonds” looked more like peanuts.  Further, it tasted like sour milk; we think you may have produced a bad batch. The frozen yogurt also had way too much sugar. It tasted (to both of us) like a bad batch of ice cream that was loaded with sugar.

Needless to say, our experience with this product on this occasion was very unpleasant, which as you may have guessed, is completely unlike our prior experiences with your products.

We purchased the container of frozen yogurt in question early in the afternoon today at the Hannaford Supermarket in Plattsburgh, New York.  On the back panel, it mentions plant #09-05; I hope this information will help you correct the problem and I hope that this problem does not affect anyone else.

Thomas Slatin

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