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Horror Film

March 2017

18 responses to “Horror Film”

  1. I don’t exactly know what this is. It looks like an equipment to cut body parts though.

  2. This sure looks like a prop from a horror film. I can bet it was used for some really devious acts.

  3. I can’t quite figure out what this equipment does but it looks creepy. I wouldn’t want to hang around to find out.

  4. An old movie tape. I was not able to see this in person though. Never had the chance.

  5. Their is nothing scary about this picture.. I was hoping to see something a little scary.. I’m not spooked at all

  6. It is indeed creepy. Reminds me pf a barn I saw at home before. It was so dark that I will never go near that place.

  7. Horror things all over that we can’t really say what it is. I still find this fascinating all the same.

  8. Maybe the camera was used to shoot horror films when it was in good condition. It is a treasure though.

  9. Such unique shots as this evoke a lot of feelings and questions at the same time. Like when was it being used, by who and how many films it has been used to shot.

  10. Very unnerving shot! Film in that grimy state is an effective way to put viewers on edge.

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