October 2018

20 thoughts on “How We Found The Same Old Fears

  1. What is up with an old abandoned chair but I love the caption, maybe because I’m battling with a little fearful thing now.

  2. Chair for the elderly. Well, don’t blame me because I grew to see mostly my grannies using this chair as their main sitting chairs.

  3. Your pictures always give me memories of when I was a little boy with my granny. The chair looks old though but still meaningful for the wise. Thanks for this memory keeping photograph.

  4. This rocking chair reminds me of the ending in the film, Psycho! Great work in adding an eerie feel to this picture.

  5. Well we all fear something. Often times though it represents weakness. However, if you embrace and overcome it. That can be an asset. What does that got to do with the chair though?

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