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I Can Go With The Flow

October 2018

10 responses to “I Can Go With The Flow”

  1. Wow…the colour combination is off the hinges..people that have eyes for a good work of art will definitely like this

  2. Wow! Such a cute angle to take this photo. It looks like it was drawn than a taken one.

  3. Its amazing how nature order things. The river is able to find its way along the rocks. We humans should learn from nature.

  4. If us humans could also go with the flow, maybe we would reduce all the chaos in the world. Things like traffic jam could be history.

  5. I just like anything nature. The caption is heavy with a message for humans. Awesome shot.

  6. This is also the way I look at life, At times you must learn to roll with it and do the best you can. Going with the flow is not to be mistaken with being lazy though.

  7. Witty caption and beautiful water fall. I find snapshots of nature like this to be very uplifting. Thanks for sharing.

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