June 2014

12 thoughts on “I Cannot Warm You If Your Heart Is Cold

  1. Wow, an ancient fire place. Really looks abandoned but little or no work to get it start working again.

  2. Looks like a giant chimney? Anyway I wonder what is inside? Why is it in the middle of nowhere???Just curious and very impressive.

  3. The caption really got me, a cold heart can be so miserable and frustrating to even get love from a lighter heart. We just have to pray for peace of mind.

  4. It would have been so warm and cozy when that fire place was lit up in a house it used to belong to a long while ago. With regards to the title, indeed people could only be warm if they are okay with people being caring and warm towards them. People who completely shut themselves off are nigh impossible to change.

  5. That is very meaningful! People need to be open with each other, try to accept, understand, be patient and forgive.

  6. Really cool setting and very appropriate caption. It kind of has a serene, spiritual feel. Thanks for sharing.

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