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I Drew A Line For You

September 2018

23 responses to “I Drew A Line For You”

  1. This is sweet!!! Come to think of it we use to say this when we were kids. It can be anything really a line? sphere etc all that it requires is imagination. As we grow older it is harder to maintain that child like outlook. However perhaps going back to that aint bad after all sometimes kids has answers to questions compared to adults.

  2. This to me is more than a line it’s a fence like that in a wrench. Lovely output, keep on sharing uniqueness

  3. As spongebob said ” all we need is imagination ” . As a kid it is easier to imagine things because we are not yet affected by worldly things, as we venture further our understanding of life is getting clouded by our dilemmas.

  4. I love how you pic this unique topis for pictures. In my country, we do this type of wooding fence in a different way.

  5. This is mostly done in the villages in my locality to avoid trespassers. so I understand this perfectly well. You capture it well

  6. I like everything that is made of wood because it reminds me of my parents’ farm and that fence is very similar to my farm.

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