April 10, 1987

Dear Frau und Herr Doktor,

When I got out to my car I found a ticket tucked under the windshield wiper. Knowing that I had violated no parking laws I read it and was overcome by deja vi, again I had missed inspection. Only on Bank Street are the forces of law and order so on the que vive (I put this through the spelling program, it took one look at the last two words and without consulting me changed them to quebec vive). How lucky you are to live under such a police umbrella, you should leave your doors unlocked.

While Cindy was being wed the Mohawk was flooding. Arthur says it was only a five house flood and and the only one he ever saw without ice, his memory is almost as good as Harvey’s. To judge from the mud on the bicycle path it may have been quick but it was deep.

It seems I left behind a tripod and at least two lens caps one black the other yellow. None of these are important enough to be shipped.

I saw Cats this week, it was entertaining, but it would have been just as entertaining if Elliot had never lived or if it had been called Squirrels. People don’t move or look like cats and the choreographer either didn’t know much about cats or was just lazy. Elliot wrote abotu cats interacting with people, the show is about cats interacting with cats. But cats don’t really relate very well to each other, they are short of meaningful relationships except for a brief period of motherhood they keep their distance. So to have a plot about cats relating to cats you have to make them like people. Elliot compared cats and people but didn’t make either act like the other. As he said a cat’s a cat a dog’s a dog and by implication people are people.

Today the prints came back. I enclose the wedding prints and negatives, and an odd print from Christmas.

I cycled out the end of bicycle path today, being passed by everyone over six years of age including the fat girls who haven’t ridden since they were twelve except one day each year. They find this is the amount of exercise needed to keep them in shape. Yet I found it very fatiguing. Possibly I should take up knitting and tatting or a rocking chair or all three.

Yours truly,


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