I Have Wasted An Entire Year Of My Life

August 27, 2022

I have wasted an entire year of my life trying to get medical care and surgery for being born a hermaphrodite. The doctors have wasted my time and money, and forced me to postpone my life by making empty promises that I will receive life-sustaining medical care based on the contingency and bias of arbitrary check boxes.

Today was my ultimate breaking point. I was told by someone that although I am successful and highly skilled at what I do, in order to be truly successful in life, I need to abandon all that I do and spend all my waking hours interacting with random strangers on social media.

The advice that my wife Amelia gave me was to follow my own path, abandon social media, and stop trying to please others at the expense of my own happiness. This advice is coming directly from my wife, who made her entire career working specifically in social media.

My website has been updated with traditional means of getting in touch with me, and my wife and I are both planning more ambitious projects, far above and beyond anything that either of us could have accomplished individually.

Please respect my need to live the life I spent half my life tirelessly working towards achieving. I need to have time to dream, to be free, and to create.


  • mydangblog

    I’m so sorry to hear this. The medical system works just as slowly up here too. But don’t give up all your interactions with us—you know how much we care about you. ❤️

    • Thomas Slatin

      With me, it’s not that it’s slow, it’s flat-out denials of care because I’m genetically intersex/hermaphrodite, and not transgender. I have been trying to get help for my condition since age 6 (I was a smart kid; wise beyond my years), and the doctors told me I had to wait until I turned 18. I wasn’t able to get any help at all until I was into my 40’s. It shouldn’t have to be this way; the medical community clearly needs to change.

      • mydangblog

        We have it good up here, where our provincial health plan covers all of that, but it terrifies me to think what might happen down the road. I hope you get some satisfaction soon. 🙂

        • Thomas Slatin

          I am satisfied that I have life-sustaining care, which is vitally important. My daily fears are the politics of gender and the fact that my medication, which consists of female hormones, is not guaranteed. If I lose access to hormones, the doctors have warned me that it will be detrimental to my health and well-being. Lawmakers often fail to see the human casualties of their pointless arguments, as they continue to push their arbitrary and meritless bills. So while I would love to have had access to surgical care, at this point in my life, I have reached the conclusion that I am fully comfortable and happy living as a natural hermaphrodite, and I am generally accepted as such.

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