• Maury Cheskes

    I feel like this photo could be on the cover of an Austin travel guide. Perfect time of day and luring feel for the overall setting.

  • joy

    Great subject composition complete with the locator pin. I’d have to agree with the others in saying this deserves a chance on the cover of a travel guide for Austin.

  • Miaka Yuuki

    It would be cool if we got an inside look? I mean if I am going to Austin then I may as well see why that is right?

  • Buenaflor

    Wow this is so amazing I think love going to Austin to see Austin. This photo names everything that Austin know. It has a great angle and should be posted on billboards and magazines. Can be placed also in a museum, you know every photo have different meaning from behind and this should be appreciated and gives a big wow to everybody. Such amazing

  • Obalade Damilola

    I don’t get to see skyscrapers everyday..but seriously, I love this picture..whoever took this snapshot is a professional. Mere looking at the picture shows that Austin beautiful and I wish I could also visit the place one day.

  • Rae

    I love the photo but isn’t the background too much? The building is definitely distracting me from focusing on the signage. Anyways, I still love your work!

  • Marlyn Culunge

    The trademark of Austin is too little for that tall building at the back. I think its the the main subject here (that tall building). Stunning shot!

  • Liz

    I’m not much of a traveller but I’d really like to visit Texas one day. I’m a photographer too so I’d get as many shots as I can.

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