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I Waited For Your Call

I Waited For Your Call

March 2020

25 responses to “I Waited For Your Call”

  1. Wow, are you sure you will be available if the call later came through? lovely concept. The truck stocked in the woods.

  2. This reminds of a call I anticipated for days, it came when I least expected but it can give an heavenly feeling when such calls come in.

  3. I love this bus…the colour is fascinating.. It looks old but still in mint condition

  4. I think its waiting for a repair vall, that’s all that I can see. Lovely picture,truck in neat color and hopefully still in food working condition

  5. That vehicle still waited until the vehicle itself needed some repair. If that is not patience, then I don’t know what is. I want to be as patient as this vehicle.

  6. The color of the truck is amazing. Was it always like that or it’s because of you? Great skills.

  7. This looks like some sort of utility truck. I can’t quite tell exactly what it is used for however.

  8. Who is call who here please? All I see is a truck, should I say abandoned or not just being used at the moment.

  9. Communication is so vital to bridge gaps. This is really an ending waiting calls.

  10. I wonder what the use of this truck could have been. It probably has something to do with carrying logs.

  11. Seems like someone is just waiting to be called again? To be of use again? We all have known that feeling at least I have. You can say that this truck is a mirror of myself and where I was once.

  12. A message that rings a bell in almost anyone’s life. Like the truck in the picture, we are always ‘waiting’ for something or someone in life. Such is the power of well-composed pictures. You do not need to utter a word to convey the message.

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