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I Wish You Were Here

I Wish You Were Here

November 2019

10 responses to “I Wish You Were Here”

  1. I always wanted a fire place for cold days but this would have been good. As cheesy as this sounds but I always wanted to experience a good story while sitting beside one. Just like what I see on T. V

  2. Is that a fireplace? I’ve always wanted to feel how it is to be warm and cozy in front of one for quite some time now.

  3. This is a fireplace in an abandoned room. I cant really tell whats inside it. This picture is of high quality.

  4. I like how this photo was shot, this shows warmth and where one can get the needed warmth if need be.

    • This photo has a deep meaning. For me, it depicts the loneliness and the crave to have someone around so bad.

  5. Beautifull picture, it remindsme of the old italy, I almosth can see a family siting around the chimney sharing stories.

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