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Ice-A-Rama (Alternate Take)

January 2016


14 responses to “Ice-A-Rama (Alternate Take)”

  1. Where is the ice???I mean I find it odd because I was expecting snow at least since it is ice related but the title is a lot weird,

  2. this looks like a hallway..the title and the picture are like cheese and chalk.. I see no correlation..

  3. A lot going on in this photo. I don’t really see any ice, but maybe I’m missing something with the caption. Cool shot though, all the same.

  4. You did take a deeper shot of this photo,it really added life to the photo. it makes the shot be more unique

  5. It’s not clear to me. There is still beauty in this crowded and almost broken and shattered place. Nice photo.

  6. Looks to me like and old warehouse. It also looks as if it were abandoned and wrecking down.

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