If you had only one wish, what would you wish for?

14 thoughts on “If you had only one wish, what would you wish for?

  1. I wish for this pandemic to end. I wish that we all go back to our normal lives. I wish to have peace too.

  2. I will wish peace all over the world and easy entry to any country at ease. This I pray for.

  3. Wow, I will wish for better governance especially in my country. Corruption has killed us here, God help us

  4. I will wish for total deliverance for the entire universe. The world at large are sick. Thanks for sharing this post.

  5. I wish I can live longer until I saw my children have their own family and they are comfortable with their lives. I want them to be happy in life as possible.

  6. There are many but if I have to pick one that would be me having all the people that I will need to be there.We always are looking for purpose. I am no exception and I am currently on that journey.

  7. If there’s room for selfish wishes, then all I want to wish for is to be able to see the entire world before I die. Just me seeing the world in its entirety. I’ve got everything and everyone else in my heart so, I take all of them with me in my adventure.

  8. If I had a wish as a human being on earth, I would wish God to give me lots of money. From this money, I will use for the welfare of the mankind in all kinds economic issues in our country.

  9. Oh my! This is really a tough one because I have a lot of wishes, but if I were to pick one I would say I wish to be wealthy. There are lots of people’s lives i want to impact on and also help the widow, needy and orphans.

  10. I would wish for more control in my day to day life. Whether that involves sleeping habits, highs and lows or my general disposition, I would wish for more immunity from my daily flaws.

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