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I’m Afraid I’ll Never Get To Heaven

I'm Afraid I'll Never Get To Heaven

August 2019

14 responses to “I’m Afraid I’ll Never Get To Heaven”

  1. This is a nice photography work. For the caption I believe a lot of people are too but we just have to continue fighting the urge to sin

  2. I believe in heaven but my question is when people claim they know what heaven is in a literal sense. I mean did they actually came in and go back down?Just curious.

  3. Why are you afraid?, if the thief at Jesus’s right hand can make it to heaven. So why are u scared TOM? Nice photography job.

  4. The caption of this picture is just ringing bells of our eternal resting place. For those that believe will be there, you have nothing to fear. The scripture says Fear not, I will help you even if it is to get to heaven, just ask for help!

  5. The way that the sunlight spills into the room is so beautiful. It’s certainly what I imagine the doors to heaven would look like.

  6. The sunlight effect on the room is so cool. I’m just wondering if there’s how the window of heaven will look like.

  7. Well with all that light coming inside I would say you have hope, and a big chance to make it to heaven.

  8. Very heaven like atmosphere in this shot. It’s as if God’s sending a message through the window.

  9. Your own actions here on earth determines your final destination. It really looks like a judgement room.

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