Harvey Slatin - Thomas Slatin - Anne Slatin

My loving father, Harvey Slatin, passed away on the morning of February 23, 2013.  To help keep his memory alive, the following posts of 2013 and before were about him.

Harvey Slatin Interview On WUOW | Vintage Photograph Of Harvey L. Slatin | Harvey Slatin Comments On The Dream Spinner | Harvey L. Slatin Memorial | Not Taking Enough Pictures Is Something I Regret | The Slatin Family, Circa 1990 | Everything I Needed To Know About Life, I Learned From My Father | Snapshot Photo Of The Slatin Family | Art 4 All – Roxbury Arts Group | Fleeting Glimpse | Adventures In The Afterlife | The Dream Spinner | So Many Things Still Left Unsaid | Journal Writing Prompts As Interview Questions For My Father | Pussycats | A Series Of Unlikely Events | Guardian Angels?

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