April 24, 1987

My Dear Sir:

It ill becomes one who is noted for the flagrance of his behaviour in sleeping with cats, to criticize those of us who extend to these creatures a sympathy based only on aesthetic appreciation. My feeling for cats comes closer to tolerance than love, a word I do not use loosely. It is true that I do not extend this tolerance to dogs and in fact not even to large subset of humans, but there is nothing abnormal in my relations with felines.

As for cats being stupid, for how many years have you been fed and housed by a cat, when did a cat ever leave its favorite spot to open a door for you. If the truth were known we would find the shoe was on the other foot.

I have many other thoughts on cats but you are not the person I wish to share them with.

As for those arrogant statements about the fines I pay into the corrupt government of the corrupt city you reside in, they are beneath contempt.

I have replaced all of the lens caps that I distributed about your house. When you come just bring the tripod. I suggest you set a date for your visit and then call me and while talking to Patrick say that you are coming, but a week earlier, this will give me an opportunity to clear a path through the house.



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