March 11, 1986

Dear Doktor,

Just to keep you all abreast of things in Schenectady. Also to exercise my computer skills.

The only thing worse than the weather have been the weather predictions. Snow has been predicted for the last three days but none has fallen near me.

I turned it over to the nearest pro. It will be unpleasant as I had some 30k of capital gains. He knew however, which I did not, that if your withheld tax would have paid the previous years tax there is no penalty when you go way over in income as I did.

As I think I told you I now have a second drive, the operating system in ROM, and Modula-2 as a language. The latter purchased as a result of a rave revue in Byte. Yesterday having gotten the taxman off my back. I decided to do my first M-2 programming. Just to flex the old muscles I decided not to just jump in and do a practical program, but to do the demonstration in the manual which when executed prints on the “Hello beloved master” or some such. Five hours later I had that three line program working. What have I learned? Modula-2 is Wirthless {developed by Nicolas Wirth} and this particular version is very unfriendly, the manual is no good and that’s just for starters. A few minutes ago I ordered Personal Pascal which got a much better review in Antic. Also a modem. There are several developments coming down the pike to make the 520 and IBM friends.

Just when I thought it had gone without a ripple it surfaced with the enclosed message. What I say, is when there’s smoke there’s fire. When it takes a bureaucracy a month to develop such a statement, we all know what that means.

Hemmingways son Gregory was hooked on Dianetics, later had to have a course of shock treatments. I am developing a new theory to explain Papa. The problem is that when he was good he was very good, and until he died even bad stuff wasn’t that bad, but since then stuff was published that is painfully bad. The first clue is in the missing manuscript, the one Hadley {first wife} lost. The second clue is that all four of is wives were professional writers. The third is that his editor who used to cut Thomas Wolfes novels from 5000 to 1000 pages, never made a change. It was all pre-edited by wives before it reached the publisher.

Now we will see how this prints. I don’t know what it is like I about double column, but it has something I feel.

Arthur S. Covert
a.k.n. Stanley Featherstone Ukeridge and Stanley Featherstonehaugh Ukeridge

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