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Intact Passenger Car

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24 responses to “Intact Passenger Car”

  1. i am always fascinated by trains. its just a shame that some people just put graphite on it instead of just restoring it.

  2. The title for this sound opposite. There is nothing intact about this seat,all looking worn-out.

  3. This is an eye sore, what really happened to these seats. There look really bad. The photo is sharp enough.

  4. So vintage! I really love this photo. Something I can keep. An abandoned train I guess.

  5. Imagine what the pandemic has brought to the community at large. Well taken photograph.

  6. This is a cute bus. In this pandemic though, social distancing must be observe especially in public transportation.

  7. Just imagining how the exterior will look like. This interior looks really abandoned like for years. Cool effect

  8. This cant be intact. This is bad, dirty and probably not functioning again. Cant imagine myself seat on those. Nice choice of effect

  9. Wo, what a cool picture, I bet this is a very old bus.. the black and white effect makes me feel in the unknown dimension

  10. Intact but in a very bad shape. I guess this is a train? If it is then it should be fixed before being allowed to travel. Passenger safety is always first.

  11. Nothing really is immune to the passage of time, as this weathered abandoned passenger car shows. But there are exceptions where the passage of time is not as savage.

  12. This train should be re-purposed for something else. It could make a good restaurant in my opinion.

  13. With a little renovation and repair the train can be as good as new. It shouldn’t be written off.

  14. I wish this could be restored and put up for display in a train museum. That would be so cool.

  15. It’s amazing that the seats look fairly intact for such an old train. That just shows how well built the train is.

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