April 2015

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14 thoughts on “Interfenestration

  1. Its definitely abandoned and windows carefully closed like the last owners didn’t leave in an hurry. Nice photographic work Toms

  2. This subject and vibe suits an old photo theme. If that is the goal then good job. On a side note what does Interfenestration mean? I have not encountered such word before.

  3. This looks a farm with no growth, everything is withering away but I like the color effect. It really adding life to the photo.

  4. Love the sharp focus on the subject right in the middle. Somehow makes the eerie atmosphere more unsettling to a degree for such an abandoned cabin in the middle of nowhere.

  5. This title is definitely a new one for my vocabulary. I like the distortion of the trees in this pic. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Nice side-shot of the house. The picture quality looks poor because of its blurness, but still cool to the sight. Thanks for sharing this.

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