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Isaac Asimov Quote

“Whenever I have endured or accomplished some difficult task — such as watching television, going out socially or sleeping — I always look forward to rewarding myself with the small pleasure of getting back to my typewriter and writing something.” ―Isaac Asimov

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  1. So watching television, going out socially or sleeping is a difficult task, ahh that’s really interesting. This means you are really a good bookworm or of course a writer.

  2. The best thing to give one self is appreciation. This is a brilliant quoted quote.

  3. Yes, rewarding self is thrilling to the body whether from doing a big or medium task. The most is giving one’s self an accolade for it.

  4. Inspiring quotes, I think we should never be hard on ourselves. Give your self a break and reward it when need be.

  5. Great quote to note. There is always time to reward yourself after something you have done.

  6. This is certainly what I do. I like to reward myself whenever I can after doing something really challenging. It’s a really nice way to stay healthy, at least in mind and spirit.

  7. We need some “time out” to recharge our energy and our soul. Take time to celebrate a little after ding the hardwork.

  8. We should always gives ourselves a reward, no matter how small it is. Self love is always needed.

  9. There’s a reason Isaac Asimov was such a visionary with his epic storytelling. You can see that he loved his craft and was constantly looking for inspiration.

  10. Wow, this is fantastic. One of my best writers. Throughly the best thing is to be our own cheerleader

  11. As an aspiring writer I would like to get to this level. I would like my writing to be my top priority.

  12. This is what I call passion. If you are this passionate about what you do you are destined for success.

  13. A quote like this can only be said by a true intellectual. Much respect for Isaac Asimov.

  14. I admire how much Isaac Asimov was dedicated to his work. It’s actually very inspiring.

  15. Every writer ought to have this kind of mentality. The world would be a much better place.

  16. I will be reading this quote whenever I experience writer’s block. It is a good motivator.

  17. We should all exhibit this level of commitment to our passions. Such a drive can take you places.

  18. I think that Isaac Asimov did not like the idea of ​​watching television and going out to socialize much, he found it less important and somewhat tortuous than the pleasure he felt when he wrote on his machine, that made him truly happy.

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