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It All Comes Back To You

January 2020

20 responses to “It All Comes Back To You”

  1. Memories made in any place or time will really take one back, sometimes as waves that one cannot truly recover from, forget or have power controlling how much it will affect them. This is the reason why I feel that memories, evoking those emotions because of these memories – are truly powerful in shaping what a person will become in the future,based on that haunting past.

  2. Looking at the image, I get a feeling of being transported back in time. It feels like I was back home in the countryside where life was so much easier and more laidback.

  3. The word from the wise is that it all comes back to you. The house is back to life. Nice photography work. Thanks for this post.

  4. I really wish this cottage is habitable, it would have put more life to this picture. This is an image that my words are too little to appreciate

  5. Looks like the heavens wanna fall on the abandoned building. Good concept I most say. Thanks for this beautiful piece

  6. This is a very old house and it seems it is about to fall apart. This is a nice shot but I don’t really understand how it all comes back to you, could it be the memories? I do hope they were nice ones.

  7. With a bit of renovation I think the house can be as good as new. The damage doesn’t seem to be so extensive.

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