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It Will Be A Different Kind

It Will Be A Different Kind


32 responses to “It Will Be A Different Kind”

  1. Fitting caption considering this setting is much more refined and well kept than your usual photos. Love the painting in the background. Excellent shot!

  2. Very fitting as this is indeed different. A retro vibe. Needs a bit of work but it can still be utilized. Good shot.

  3. A nice photo, this place looks very comfortable. But I see the uniqueness on the sofa, yeah it’s really unique!

  4. Well, this sofa becomes attractive because it has been made to look different and unique. Only available for two people to sit on this sofa.

  5. It still looks stunning. I love the color of the chair and the wall. It’s pleasant in the eyes.

  6. The place looks shabychic, i love it. I like that your pictures always have a story to tell.

  7. I love this picture, the chair floor and wall says a lot about living a simple and modest life style. I am feeling this picture.

  8. This is an attractive sofa. This is very great to have someone sitting with you in the couch.

  9. This place looks very comfortable to have tea with a friend who has no complications in life.

  10. Create a new and different kind of memory? It looks so cozy. This is definitely a place I wouldn’t mind having lots of different, fond memories in.

  11. Wow, this brings memories of my grande’s chair years ago, looks so comfortable to them. I look at it now and sit on it when I miss them more.

  12. Photo well taken and color looks great too. You did a good job capturing is a good shot by you.

  13. Looks really comfy. I would like to spend the rest of the day sitting with my wife and daughter in this chair.

  14. The chair and the picture on the wall look very unique. It looks like a very old school house.

  15. Your post are memory bringing ones. This chair makes me remember the days when chairs like this are in voke. Thanks for this post.

  16. The portrait mode was a good choice for this shot. You truly captured the mood of the atmosphere.

  17. The simplicity of this photo is what makes it so special. Simplicity is the ultimate complexity.

  18. This is so reminiscent of simple country life. I have always preferred the countryside over the big cities.

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