April 2018

15 thoughts on “It’s A Beautiful Day

  1. Oh my, what I would give to have a view like this once I step out from the house. Looks really peaceful, down to the small waves breaking gently through the surface. Simply a perfect shot.

  2. Water is really life. This is a beautiful photography shot. Am sure you travel a lot to have all this your photography works. Thanks for the post.

  3. You’ve definitely captured the beauty of the forest and sea with this. It looks so peaceful there. You can hear nothing but the breeze and sea.

  4. Beautiful shot. The water is so crisp and clear blue. This could definitely be the cover of a holiday voyage card.

  5. Wow I usually see a depiction of places like these on a moonlight and not in broad daylight. That said this is breathtaking, It makes me wanna go for a swim. Good job.

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