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I’ve Seen How It Ends

I've Seen How It Ends

May 2020

26 responses to “I’ve Seen How It Ends”

  1. It doesn’t look like someone stays in that room. The room looks so shattered and unkept. Thanks for this quality output picture.

  2. This place looks more like a kitchen than a room, but despite being in poor condition, the photographic shot makes the colors look pretty.

  3. very eerie, I may not be as clean as other people but this house is so messy.

  4. I have seen how it ended too, it did ended bad because this photo shows a disorganized kitchen or store room.

  5. This kitchen is in a shackle, destroyed beyond recognition. As messed up this kitchen is, you brought beauty to it with the perfect lightening and effect

  6. This kitchen has benn destroyed probably caused by a storm and abandoned it just like that. You brought the kitchen its life by the lightings. I would keep this kitchen and make this cute again.

  7. With this kitchen all in disarray, it definitely resembles the end as we know it. Really intense photo. A lot of broken objects to choose from.

  8. Wow, that place looks very dirty, I think there must be rats hiding somewhere there.

  9. This is a clean photo of a messy subject, good shot. Well for me, endings are always the best part no matter how god or bad it is. Whats important is that you know what made it that way and you learned from it.

  10. There is always an end to anything beautiful, just imagine how this kitchen would have looked. Nice clean shot, just simply professional

  11. Everything in the kitchen appears to have been destroyed. I am very curious as to what could have happened here.

  12. It’s hard to believe someone ever lived here. Whatever happened here is really anyone’s guess.

  13. This kitchen must have been lovely when it was new. It’s sad to see it in such a bad state.

  14. Ignoring the damage, the house looks quite good. I wouldn’t mind living here after some renovations.

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