“Comparison is death to a writer. Don’t look up or down. Look at the page in front of you and nail it!” —James Scott Bell

24 thoughts on “James Scott Bell Quote

  1. It does applies to everyone else. We should never compare our self or work with other person because we always stand out in our own way.

  2. I agree. I guess this is true. For one you cannot control what other thinks or will act only your own. What matters is you got your eyes on the prize.

  3. Each one of us is unique. We should never be compared to anyone else. Stand up for yourself.

  4. being unique is what makes us different from each other. We just need to attest to the truthfulness of what we have written.

  5. This is an educational quote with full educative contents. We all are unique irrespective of our gender, color, region and religion.

  6. A very informative quote with the right content. I am happy to find this useuf content.

  7. This is a quote that works for all spheres not just writers. We shouldn’t compare ourselves or work with others, just do your best in everything you do.

  8. Comparing yourself to others is the fastest way to make happiness disappear from your life, when we are jealous of others, when we want what others have and we don’t have, that’s where sadness and bitterness arise.

  9. It’s never fair to compare yourself to others. Everyone has their own unique set of abilities.

  10. I now see why you are such a good writer. You have amazing inspirational quotes from other great writers.

  11. You should make a compilation of all the writer-related quotes. You have amassed quite a few by now.

  12. Cheers for freely sharing this thought provoking quote. As a budding writer I do appreciate it a lot.

  13. The quote basically tells us that in whatever we do, we should give it everything with every fiber of our being. It applies to more than just writing!

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