• Meldred Judith

    The owner must be very fond of collecting such items. Jars can be very useful all the time. Nice and pretty angle for the photo to be captured on.

  • Obalade Damilola

    Looks like an abandoned place.. the jars still look new though.. I may be wrong..Good shot..

  • Rae

    Weird to put a golf bag on the shelf. The jars don’t seem that old but nonetheless the photo is amazing. Great job there!

  • jolly555

    Could this be an abandon place it looks like.it been dumped. but good of you to capture this for our viewing.

  • joy

    I’m not sure if the darker corners are the result of natural vignetting or is it a result of post-processing artistry. Regardless, it still speaks a hundred or so thoughts.

  • Herman

    This pic reminds me of my grandmother’s shelf. The only difference is that her jars are always full of cookies 🙂

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