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Joan Didion Quote


“To free us from the expectations of others, to give us back to ourselves – there lies the great, singular power of self-respect.”—Joan Didion

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  1. Anybody without self respect will want to live for the expectation of others..the question now is are we true to ourselves or are we living for the expectation of others?self respect precedes the respect others give you

  2. Expectations of others on him is one pressure I never bow to, I do all I want to do without looking back at all.

  3. Very true. I admit that it’s eassier to fill other expectations instead that deffend our own way, but in the time it hurts the self love and brings frustration.

  4. I don’t expect too much from people. This quote is a lovely and nice one. I respect your creative sense to have bring out such a brilliant quote.

  5. We should never prioritize what others say. We must believe in ourselves always as long as we are not stepping other persons toes.

  6. We should never live according to other people’s expectations. Everything we do should be for our own good.

  7. I give my self the needed self -respect by staying away from others and that way others will stay away from what concerns me.

  8. I agree. These days people are so fixated to please everyone family or otherwise that they forget what they truly want. They say selfishness is a bad thing. In this case however, perhaps being selfish once in a while is understandable.

  9. I honestly really think that we have been hard wired to look for our own happiness about ourselves from others, and that we have become solely dependent on what those people think and become miserable if people don’t think we lived up to their own expectations about ourselves.

    I think it is a very dangerous thing because it just negates a person’s entire existence. But as we are now totally committed to the idea that to be successful and happy is to keep up the expectations of others, trying to be happy on one’s own terms will be a very difficult thing to do. And I really admire people who can really do that.

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