HLS - The Letters Of Harvey L. Slatin

June 16, 1989

Dear Harvey:

John Herzog is in the hospital with what may be terminal cancer of the liver.  I just learned about this last night from a friend of his.

He is in St. Vincent’s Hospital in Santa Fe, and is under heavy sedation.  I wanted to call him but his friend said that John would not be able to understand me.  And he said that John’s room is filled with flowers but he doesn’t seem to be aware of them.

John made no mention of any health problems in his recent letters, so I assumed he was all right.  Apparently he began to fail very unexpectedly.

This is not the kind of news I had hoped to pass along.  He has been writing a newsletter for the community theatre and really enjoying it.  He resigned from the board because he said the meetings went on too long for his physical endurance.  But he still planned to take roles if they weren’t too demanding.

John’s phone is still connected, but somebody apparently disconnected his recorder.  I called but nobody was there at the time.  His friends from the theatre group are picking up his mail and keeping his place in order.

I don’t think there is anything either of us can do, but I wish it would be possible to speak to him or to send him a letter that somebody could read to him or he could read himself.  But I guess it’s too late for that.  If I hear anything more, I’ll write to you again.

— Bill

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