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Jonathan Oldham Reads I Used To Worry About Rain By Thomas Slatin

I Used To Worry About Rain

13 responses to “Jonathan Oldham Reads I Used To Worry About Rain By Thomas Slatin”

  1. That´s a beautiful picture of a scale train. I love what you did with the picture and the way how it looks nostalgic.

  2. That’s the tragedy of feeling lost. You don’t even know the depth of that loss that suddenly makes you lose all enjoyment in life.

  3. For something about rain all I can see is a train ha ha. A metaphor if I ever see one. in a serious note each of us are worry about something. In your case it maybe the rain to me it is the bugs. This is only normal.

  4. I can still clearly remember the trains that were used to carry sugarcanes in my province. I have great respect to those people that had been part of the great train industry.

  5. Thinking about the rain? This might mean a different thing to different people. For me it means freshness

  6. Thunder storms, sounds made while rain coming is only the frightening moment for me. The real rain is lovely and sweet to me. I bath in it

  7. This train could be kept in better condition in an exhibition museum to show it to future generations.

  8. Wow Tom… Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I very much enjoyed listening to this piece. I love the mix of nostalgia with touches of hope. Very well done! I am kind of jealous 😉

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