HLS - The Letters Of Harvey L. SlatinMay 18, 1988

Hey, there, Udo!–

Many thanks for the Kaatskill Life magazine.  Mary and I feel that we grew up in that area, and the names of the towns are all familiar.  It’s like Old Home Week to read about them after all these years.

So you and Peer de Silva worked hand in hand behind the scenes.  I’m glad I sent you that information about his book.  When you read it you can tell me how close to the truth he stuck.  Only you are in a position to know.

He mentions in the book that his mother was Norwegian, which is apparently the reason for his incongruous first name.  All kinds of useful information like that is in the book.  Call him collect and he’ll send you a free copy, as one old field agent to another (even if he treated you like a dog).

This note is rushed because we are about to leave on a trip to Missouri to visit your old friends (not from the Forbidden City).  I will answer your previous letter properly as soon as we come back and I tear up the bills that the mailman delivered in our absence.  If these things aren’t dealt with promptly, nothing but confusion results.  The Army taught me that, and I’ll never forget it (the Army).

Regards to Anne and Thomas.  Hope the Great Move proceeds as smoothly as possible (except that, like all moves, it won’t).

Fred C. (“Meet me in St. Louis!”) Dobbs

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