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Kyra Davis Quote


“Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zones. We have to break the rules. And we have to discover the sensuality of fear. We need to face it, challenge it, dance with it.”–Kyra Davis

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  1. Life is never fair and comes with a lot of thorns but stepping out of the comfort zones gives us the satisfaction that we need. We just have to fight to win.

  2. Leave your comfort zone and make it. We have to break the rules sometimes to make things happen. I love this “We need to face it, challenge it, dance with it.” Thanks Tom

  3. This are wise words..I always say it..if you want to achieve anything great,you have to leave your comfort zone

  4. Brilliantly experienced quote. Thanks for this quote. Leaving your comfort zones will surely bring you profits if you know what you doing.

  5. That is my slogan nowadays. I need to feel the fear and let it drive me to doing what seemed impossible.

  6. Very true, That’s the only way to achieve success. If you never try something new you never move to better things.

  7. I know we all love our comfort zones but to break barriers and do better with our lives we just have to leave our confort zone for real.

  8. I agreed with the stepping out of the comfort zone but you have to know very well where you are stepping into next and the consequences you are about to break

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