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Life Is But A Journey


Life is but a journey
with a fork in every road.
Its high roads
and its low roads.
We as travelers
know only where we are
and where we’ve been.
Seldom, if ever
do we know where we’re going.
But we all
reach our destination some day.
Making our lives
and this endless journey

34 responses to “Life Is But A Journey”

  1. Life is indeed a journey. I try to live in the present. I really hope that everyone will achieve whatever their hearts want.

  2. Life is indeed a journey. As for me, The journey can be more important than the destination. What matters is how we use our lives and our own journeys.

  3. Life is an endless journey. I always try to be in my present and I do not think of the future.

  4. This life is the phase of every person’s journey that cannot be skipped over. We only try our best in accordance with our own desires, but still everything will only go according to the path determined by God.

  5. Life is full of ups and down where we know not what comes next. Thanks for this beautiful poem, you are just bursting my brain

  6. Yeah life is a journey we have our different paths and we make our own direction to take.

  7. Each of us have our own journey. We should just be happy and enjoy the ride no matter how long and sturdy the road may get.

  8. As perfect as this poem, it’s really true; life is but a journey. Lots of unexpected surprises now and them. Only the wise pull through

  9. Life is an endless journey. There maybe ups and down, the important thing is we always live on.

  10. Life is indeed a journey. Most of us think that our road had ended, what we haven’t realize is our road is still being constructed.

  11. Life is truly a journey we aren’t sure where it would lead us. Might as well, enjoy and learn from it.

  12. We can never know where our final destination is and how long we will travel to reach that. Just enjoy what you have for now. Cherish it until it last.

  13. we will reach our destination someday no matter how long it might seem. This is truly speaking to me about my life’s journey.

  14. Very meaning words.. I think we have to learn to apreciate the road before we get to destination.

  15. Definitely it has high and low roads. Not always straight like many think of it.

  16. Life is a never ending journey. What’s important is to keep in mind always where you came from to be reminded how you made it forward.

  17. Cool piece. Definitely a bumpy journey with lots of highs and lows. The destination is never preordained. We create our own destiny.

  18. Life is really a complete journey. Watch every angles to be sure you don’t fall while in it.

  19. Life is a full journey which is infinite . You have to watch every move of yours so that you do no fall.

  20. I do agree with you, no one knows exactly where you’ll end up but you just have to keep going on that road on that journey. We make plans and believe that as we journey, the end line would be pleasant.

  21. Life is indeed a journey, it is up to you if you want to stay in a pit stop or continue moving. It all depends on you.

  22. This poem was written long ago but it’s relevant to this day. That’s a timeless poem.

  23. Indeed, life is but a journey. We may not know the destination but we’ll get there some day.

  24. Wow, I can’t believe you wrote this in 1998. You have been doing this for a long time!

  25. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a book of poems written by you. This is very high quality.

  26. We are all travelling to a destination we don’t know. The point is to keep moving.

  27. How does one know if one has reached their destination? How do we know if we are going the right direction? Funny don’t you think, life has no “real” manual. Everyone is truly just winging it. We take advice from those older than us, and when it is our time to be on the older end of the spectrum, we impart what we’ve learned to them. Simple and complex, such is life.

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