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Locomotive Breath

July 2017

23 responses to “Locomotive Breath”

  1. This is definitely brought back memories, can remember the first time I came in contact with a locomotive engine in my school excursion. it was thrilling for me.

  2. The timing is just perfect, that why the exhaust is captured. I love the black and white effect, makes it look really old.

  3. I really thought you’ll gonna post the Jethro Tull from their 1971 album. The steam and smoke looks really cool makes the photo more catchy.

  4. Lovely, very old and durable train. I doubt it if we have them out there this days. Lovely effect, so cool

  5. The old trains used to pollute the air a lot. It’s a good thing nowadays they are much cleaner.

  6. The smoke is like the breathe of the train. It needs to keep on removing it, so that it can keep on moving.

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