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Looking Glass Pond

Looking Glass Pond, West Fulton, New York

19 responses to “Looking Glass Pond”

  1. This really look good. I like fish ponds since I love fish alot. It one hobby I like to engage going into fish farming

  2. Yes as if time stops for some reason., Of course we cannot literally stop time but we find ourselves wishing it to be the case. I guess a photo does that so this is why its here.

  3. This is the best example of mirror images of nature looking nice than the artificial mirror made by us.

  4. Just like a mirrored pond, tried turning it upside down, just the same. This is lovely. Thanks for sharing

  5. Black and white photos are my favorites, they seem to me to evoke bygone times where everything looked in one color.

  6. A lot has been using water reflection to mirror a scene. But I always got mesmerized whenever I see one. They are all beautiful.

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